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Content Management System(CMS)

A content management system or CMS allows you to manage and control the content of the website without any kind of technical training. This system can be used for adding, editing, and deleting text conveniently. You can inCMS unlimited pages and full-site SEO. Aastrazen offers highly-professional CMS websites for your personal requirement or for your business.

We offer solutions at an affordable cost. You can be sure that the CMS website will best among your competitors. Our experts perform these tasks with flamboyant ease. Google rewards the publishers of good content by giving them a higher position in the search pages. Good content will also obtain greater exposure in the social media networks since people will tweet and share it..


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Our CMS Development Services

We have end to end CMS development solutions catering to your business needs, whether you want to
get a custom CMS website or an website migration services.

Custom CMS Development

We offer our clients feature packed, secure and scalable enterprise CMS development needs as per their specific business requirements.

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Theme/Extensions Development

Our developers have rich domain expertise in providing custom theme or extension development solutions as per your business requirement.

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eCommerce & CMS Development

Whether you want to have your own online storefront or content management system, you can rely on us for all your development needs.

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Technology Upgradation Services

You need not to worry about the latest technologies, as we also upgrade your web application to the latest version at affordable prices.

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Web Technology Migration

If you want to migrate your existing web development platform to other platform, you can contact us. We are the one stop shop for your every development needs.

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Support & Maintenance

We are not limited to providing only development services but we also cover complete support and maintenance solutions to meet your variegated requirements.

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Aastrazen Technologies assists you in developing a sturdy online presence by taking your digital objective into account. We have skilled professionals who have knowledge in custom web development in desktop, as well as in mobile based website. We have served innumerable clients over the years. Take the help of our experts and enjoy the following advantages. our designing skills makes us the best cms web design company in Chennai.

Complete control over the custom site.

Easy access to data or information after the modification.

Highly customized CMS which has been designed to cater to the specific requirements of your business.

Convenient to track content that is added, modified, or published.




The manner in which the graphic, texts, and ads are arranged in the website.


Depends on your choice and helps in defining your website.


Web safe fonts will make the content legible..



The design and the content work hand in hand to highlight the message of the website.


The graphic design enhances the look of the website.


Creating search engine friendly designs.


We have handled several national, as well as international projects over the years. We have a special and unique process of going through the process of designing the website. Aastrazen Technologies is an innovative and revolutionary web designing company in Chennai that offers you an affordable alternative to grow your business.

Defining the Project Scope

One of the important task that has to be done before web designing is defining the project scope. A poorly crafted project might result in miscommunication and ultimately to the wastage of time. A good project scope will unambiguously and clearly states the expectation of the client and how we plan to meet those expectations. It should contain the client’s time frame, job requirement, and budget.

Architecture Analysis

Having a website is not enough: it should have an appropriate structure. A CMS website should follow a unique architecture to suit the requirement and achieve the goals. If your website has numerous pages, our team will conduct an analysis to guide the users to the information about the website. We do a detail research for finding out the final blueprint of the website.

Visual Design Mock-Ups

Once we have a have finalized the architecture and form of the website, we start working on the project. We design the visual aspect of the website. We provide a mock-up design to our clients. This helps us to know what changes are to be made. It serves as an opportunity to interact with the clients. Creating a mockup will enable us to implement different design, colors, layout, and fonts into the design.Top CMS web design companies in Chennai as experts of team members to build website with standards.

Images and Texts for Content Ready Website

After finalizing the interface of the website, we proceed on to the content of the website. We ensure that you have content that can grab traffic for your website. We inCMS enticing images and content that creates an emotional response among the audience. We know they are powerful enough to manipulate the audience and make them feel whatever you want. Images and content that is search engine optimized can go long way in ensuring your success.

Set Up Content Ready Website

After the content has been optimized, we upload it on your website It is important to have good quality content for a website. We prepare the basic text version for implementing the design. This will help in retaining visitors and obtaining a higher ranking in the search pages. We make sure the content of the website is placed adequately. with our dedicated service we become the leading CMS web design agency in Chennai.

Implementation of the Design

After completing the text-based version of the website, our design experts start implementing the design. On the basis of the functional requirement or pre-existing solutions, we use the most appropriate platform in the project. Our experts are trained to work on different technologies for building the website. We plan and design the website adequately so the implementation procedure becomes easier.

Custom Functionality

We make it a point not to miss out on the smaller details of the website. Once the design has been approved and implemented on the website, we start focusing on the small aspects of the websites. We focus on custom functionality which is a simple procedure of storing function in the website. However, we make sure not to include too much functionality which can confuse the user.


Our experts test the website by making sure that it functions as it should. We also ensure that the site is capable of handling the traffic which will be brought by your business. We check if the website is working in every browser. Testing the website is essential for building the website.


We make sure that your website is update-to-date with the current technologies of the market. We check it on a regular basis to make sure that you website is always at the top position. We maintain the website by checking the links, maintaining the content, redesigning. We make it a point to keep the redesign as enticing as the new design. We are one of the CMS web design agency in Chennai.

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